Shoreland Memorial Gardens FAQ

Q: Do you allow cremation burials?

A: Yes, cremated remains may be buried in a cemetery plot either with another set of cremains (2 per plot) or on top of an existing casket burial.

Q: Do you require cremains that are being buried to be in a concrete vault?

A: No. However we DO require a vault for a casket burial.

Q: When can we have a headstone put in the cemetery?      

A: It can be put in pre-need (before a death has occurred) or anytime after the burial.

Q: Who installs the monument?

A: Upright monuments (headstones) are installed by a licensed monument dealer. Veterans markers and flat foot stones are installed by the cemetery. Both require installation and / or foundation fees paid to Shoreland.

Q: Do you allow Veterans Markers?

A: Yes, we welcome them and we install them after all fees have been paid.

Q: Do you have a special Veterans Section of the cemetery?

A: Yes

Q: How much notice do we need to schedule a funeral?

A: 48 hours called in by 12:00 noon by a licensed funeral director.

Q: What are the hours that the office is open?

A: 9:30AM-4PM Monday - Friday and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday

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